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Live Well, Work Well

April 5, 2017

Health & Wellness tips for your work and life!

Workplace Stress Levels Dropping

Stress in the workplace is on the decline, according to a recent study from health portal provider MediKeeper, Inc.

The majority of respondents said, on a scale of one to five, that their stress level was at a two in 2016. This is down from 2014, where the majority said they were at a level three.

Similarly, the number of people who reported a level one increased by 58 percent over the same two-year period.

Curb your stress with these helpful tips:

  • Make to-do lists of tasks that need completing and cross off items as you finish them.
  • Talk with a co-worker about things that are bothering you. Getting support from friends is a great way to relax and reduce anxiety.
  • If you continually run late, set your clocks and watch ahead to give yourself extra time.
  • Read your job description so you know exactly what is expected of you.

Monitor Your Rice Intake to Minimize Arsenic Consumption

Arsenic, an element from the Earth’s crust that is naturally found in air and water, may not only cause cancer but can also negatively affect a child’s development and cause problems into adulthood. Inorganic arsenic is the type of arsenic that is associated with adverse health effects and the type of arsenic that is found in common foods and drinks, like rice and apple juice.

Rice has been found to absorb the highest amounts of inorganic arsenic when compared to other commonly eaten foods. Last April, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed a limit on the amount of inorganic arsenic to be allowed in infant rice cereal. The FDA, however, has not imposed action limits on other rice items.

Instead, the FDA and Consumer Reports recommend that adults and children eat a well-balanced diet for good nutrition and avoid consuming an excess of rice.

For further information on arsenic in rice and recommendations on how to safely keep rice in your diet, visit the FDA’s Q&A page.

Spring Break Travel Tips

Traveling is usually the most stressful part of any vacation.  Things like bad traffic, airport security or misplaced travel documents can set a bad tone for the rest of the trip.  Here are some tips to help avoid travel woes:

 1. Plan Ahead

A good trip is often well thought out and incorporates as many details about the vacation as possible. Things like coordinating transportation to and from airports and hotels, packing appropriate clothing for the destination climate, and having all required travel and reservation documents is essential for a smooth trip

2. Arrive Early

If you are flying, it is recommended that you arrive at the airport at least two hours ahead of your departure. This will ensure you have time to queue through security checkpoints and settle in at the gate before boarding the plane.

3. Pack Smart for TSA

Security is a time-consuming and unavoidable ordeal at the airport. Make the process a little quicker by storing liquids in a separate, clear bag so you can pull it out at the screening checkpoint.


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