Corkill specializes in commercial insurance that matches your risk

When it comes to commercial insurance, there’s no such thing as one-plan-fits-all. There are so many factors that make up the types and amount of insurance coverage your business needs. Corkill’s team will walk you through a series of questions that helps us define your business’s unique needs and risks. Then we get to work. Ask us to shop our network of top-rated insurance companies for Workers Compensation Insurance, Property Insurance, General Liability, Business Auto, D& O Liability and more. We’re not committed to one insurance company or set of commercial insurance products, so we can find the plans that best match your business’s long-and short-term needs and goals. We’ll also continually stay up-to-date on your industry to be the best resource and partner we can be. And if you ever do have to file a claim, we’ve got your back and work as your advocate to file and settle the claim with the best possible outcome for your business!

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