Business Auto

Business auto insurance protects you on the road

If you depend on cars, trucks or vans for your daily business, you need business auto insurance. Whether its owned, leased, hired or borrowed, business auto insurance protects all private passenger autos as well as all trucks, trailers, semitrailers and commercial vehicles. You can even extend coverage to cover employees driving their own vehicles while conducting business for you. Corkill Insurance will tap our top-rated insurance companies to weed through the options and come up with a custom-tailored business auto insurance plan for you.

Commercial auto coverage options

Businesses auto insurance is similar to personal auto in that you can select various levels of coverage.  Most states have a set minimum amount you must carry, but you can add and adjust other levels to fit your specific business needs. Areas where you can adjust your levels of coverage include:

Personal and Business use vehicles

Some businesses have vehicles that are used for business during the day, but personal use after hours. Corkill Insurance recommends you still insure the vehicle with a business auto insurance policy, but you’ll want to consider adding an enhancement to the policy that would cover any family members that drive the company car when it’s not on the job. We’ll walk you through the best options for your business.

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