General Liability

Injuries to contract disputes, general liability keeps your business safe

Even if you’re the only employee for your business and work out of your home, every business needs liability insurance. The reason behind this is that anyone who comes into contact with you or your business can file a claim against you. This can lead to a substantial hit to your business’ financial health. Corkill Insurance will ask you a series of questions and walk through the amount of risk your business encounters on a daily basis to help determine what level of general liability coverage you need.

Medical expenses covered by general liability insurance

If a customer or visitor is injured at your place of business, your general liability insurance will kick in and cover the medical expenses tied to that claim. It will not cover medical expenses for you or one of your employees injured on the job. That falls under Workers Compensation insurance.

Take care of legal fees with general liability insurance

Employees can make a mistake. Products and services can fail. Unfortunately, both these scenarios can lead to heated legal battles for your business. Anything that goes to court or even a mediator can have a high-priced attorney fee attached to it.  Thankfully, general liability insurance helps cover your defense and damages from the claim, as well as claims of slander and libel.

Mistakes not covered by general liability

While general liability insurance covers mistakes made by employees, it doesn’t cover mistakes made by you. Ask your Corkill Insurance agent about specific professional liability coverages for your industry to make sure you’re covered, too.

General liability add-ons to consider

Depending on the type of business you run, Corkill may recommend some add-ons to your general liability policy to make sure there aren’t any gaps in your coverage. This includes:

As always, your team at Corkill will help you determine if any of these policy enhancements make sense for your business.

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