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As a business that actively seeks top talent in our industry, Corkill Insurance understands the importance of having an outstanding benefits package. Employees are looking for so much more than a good wage when it comes to accepting a job offer. They need and want great benefits, especially as healthcare premiums continue to rise.

For over 55 years, Corkill’s expert Employee Benefits team has been helping clients from every kind of company and industry create generous, custom employee benefits programs. We work with your providers to keep costs down. We stay on top of regulatory compliance to make sure you are up-to-date on current laws. And, we make sure your benefits remain great. It takes time, effort and money to build a good team. Join with Corkill and make your employee benefits package as attractive as possible to recruit and retain your employees.

Employee Benefit Solutions with Corkill Insurance

 “Cookie cutter” employee benefits programs rarely work. That’s because your company, employees, culture and overall goals are unique to your business. Corkill will look at your programs from a historical perspective and help you determine what your best steps moving forward in employee benefits will be. No worries. You likely won’t have to start from scratch either. We’ll build on the good decisions you’ve made in the past, highlight areas that you may need to adjust or move on from, and recommend new benefits that you may not have considered. Available options for your employee benefits program to include:

Corkill has extensive access to group benefit plans

Corkill has access to virtually every insurance carrier that offers group benefit plans. Whether it be health insurance, dental, life insurance, disability or another line of coverage, Corkill can help you shop and review. We also have expertise in both fully insured and self-funded (ASO) programs. Unlike brokers that only can represent a limited number of insurance companies, Corkill Employee Benefits brings the entire Group marketplace to you. Independence means we work for you, not the carriers. We believe that our freedom in the marketplace is what fuels our strong advocacy for you.


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