Corkill goes beyond higher limits for technology insurance

The technology industry is all about innovation, pushing ideas to outperform what exists today and make life easier for tomorrow.  It’s transformed the world, how we do business, and how we interact on a daily basis. But with those changes comes new risks.  Corkill Insurance understands the broad exposures and challenges your technology company face in its day-to-day business. We also know that you need someone you can get it touch with – sometimes at a moment’s notice. That’s why Corkill pulls out all the stops to help.

When a contract comes in and you need someone to make sure it is compliant with your insurance policy, Corkill will take a look at it and help you negotiate any problems we see. If you’re faced with a cyber liability situation at 4pm and you need to talk to a lawyer stat, Corkill will escalate it for you and get you the council you need right away.  And if there’s ever a claim, know that you will not face it alone. We’ll have your back as your advocate – your gladiator – making sure we’re talking with the adjusters about the claim from the beginning and following it through to the end.

Insurance products for the technology sector

From small start-ups to organizations that do millions in sales a year, we deliver a powerhouse list of products that cover technology companies like you. This includes:

Why Corkill is the right choice for technology companies

Simply put, Corkill isn’t in it for the short-term. We want to see your company grow and expand beyond where you are today. That means our expert team of technology insurance specialists, think about everything in long-term scenarios.  We match you with the insurance products you need, then throw in all sorts of services and help. Truth be told, we always go beyond what a normal insurance company would do because we care, follow through and genuinely want our clients to be better. It’s the service you get from us on Day 1 of our client partnership, and how we deliver every day beyond.  We’re always in contact with you, follow cyber news and trends from carriers, and make you are aware of any new coverages or changes to your coverage that impact how you do business.


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