Blue Cross Blue Shield Anti-Trust Settlement - Update

April 26, 2021

Blue Cross Blue Shield has opted to settle a lawsuit alleging that they violated antitrust laws. If you were enrolled in a Blue Cross or Blue Shield health insurance or administrative services plan between 2008 and 2020, a $2.67 billion settlement may affect your rights.

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View our latest webinar: A Look at Facts about the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Christina Anderson

February 16, 2021

Almost immediately after the coronavirus a.k.a. SARS-CoV-2 was identified, hundreds of vaccines were in development and dozens of clinical trials were in progress. Just as quickly, vaccine rumors emerged on social medial and elsewhere - everything from alleged plots to put microchips into people to the supposed re-engineering of our genetic code. The U. S. public remains divided over whether or not to get the vaccine. Here's a look at the facts on the Covid-19 Vaccine.

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