Public Entities

Protecting public entities and all that they do

Whether you’re a city, a school, law enforcement or a fire district, public entities face risks that are unique to them alone. That’s why for over 50 years, Corkill Insurance has made those who serve and protect our communities a top priority in our books. In fact, we’re one of the few insurance agents in Illinois that specialize in fire district insurance – putting us among the top resources fire districts turn to for coverage and expertise. We know the markets. We understand the unique risks you face. We volunteer our time with key industry organizations. And we have 94% retention rate with our fire district client partners. Speaks pretty loudly of our service and our commitment to you, doesn’t it?    

But our reputation in the industry isn’t the only reason you should choose Corkill for your insurance. It’s the way we do business that assures we’re the right choice for you. We have a proven track record of strategically lowering the cost of insurance and reducing the administration time for our clients. That’s because from the start, we ask questions and listen to what it is you need. We don’t go through a checklist that lead us to a canned insurance package. We dig deep, get to the root of specific challenges you face, and find the answers we need to create a custom plan for you.  Together, we’ll uncover where you are now, and put solutions and plans in place that help you get to where you want to be.

“Simply put, I like the way they do business. The agents of Corkill Insurance have worked alongside our department to ensure we receive the best options available to us, at the most competitive price possible. Their customer service is outstanding, providing quick turnaround on inquires and problem resolution. Their personalized approach to service is unmatched.” - Ken Caudle, Fire Chief | Huntley Fire Protection Distric

Insurance products for the public entities

Corkill tries to cover every area you need insurance protection. We’ll shop our network of top-rated insurance carriers to find the right combination of:

“The service from Corkill does not end with our agents. All of the Corkill support staff is quick to follow up on inquires and is as competent as their agents. We have found all of their staff to be helpful and trustworthy in assisting us to protect our employees and assets.”

 -Chief Fred Krueger, Fire Chief | Lincoln-Riverwoods Fire Protection District

Why Corkill is the right choice for public entities companies

Corkill doesn’t work with just one carrier to land on the right solution for your public entity. We work with multiple carriers on your behalf. You still only make one call though. You’ll still only have one point of contact for all your insurance needs.

For workers’ compensation claims, we also provide you with resources and services that you’re not likely to find with other companies. We offer telephone nurse triage so you can call immediately when a situation happens to make sure appropriate medical treatment is given and the story is documented right from the beginning. We have two very active safety consultants that make sure your safety protocols and programs are proactive and working to reduce claims. Plus, a service plan for global approach is included with your insurance. Corkill also has a time tracking program that helps you manage care associated with a workers’ compensation claim and takes the paperwork associated with the claim off your hands.

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